Hi *,

the css and related files as well as the silverstripe code and related
files have been uploaded to git and can be accessed/downloaded from

The theme (css and images/icons referenced from the css, as well as
page-assembly templates) are here:


Documentation about template language http://doc.silverstripe.org/templates

the silverstripe installation's code can be found here:


For working on the css, get the tdf theme either via git or by
downloading the tarball (using the Download button on the right above
the directory listing).

To ease testing / modiying the css, I created a snapshot of
fr.test.libreoffice.org for offline use:

The tarball contains a subfolder html, a download of the themes will
contain a subfolder tdf-cms-themes-<version> move that folder to

At the end you should have the following folder structure:
* html
    |     |-tdf
    |    [...]
    |     |-index.html
    |   [...]

then you can open html/home/index.html in your browser offline and
work on the css locally.

Regarding translations, all strings that use the _t function can be
translated (and static strings can be turned in using the _t function
as well of course), for example

sprintf(_t('Navigation.GOTOPAGE','"Go to the %s page"'),$Title.XML)

could be translated to german by a line like this
$lang['de_DE']['Navigation']['GOTOPAGE'] = '"Gehe zu »%s«"';

(by putting that into mysite/lang/de_DE.php)

So when you find a string in the templates that should be translated,
please post a note with the translation and I'll add it.

In case you got a github account, also feel free to use the
commenting/issues there if you prefer.


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