Hi David, hi website team!

Today, I had a quick look at the new website ... and most of the stuff
is just great. But, I discovered an issue that I consider as "major",
and I'd like to make you aware of that (if you aren't already).

It seems that the site menu items that "group" (e.g. Features) also
serve as links for dedicated pages. UX wise, this is a problem when
navigating the pages.

      * Go to http:/www.libreoffice.org
      * Click on "Features" --> category is active, no sub-category is
        active (strange)
      * Click on "Writer" --> category is active, sub-category is active
      * Click on "Features" --> although already active, the page
        changes to something different (back to Features, not okay)

Especially when people arrive on any page (e.g. via Web Search), the
current behavior unpredictable. For example, people arrive on the page
"Downloading instructions" will have to fiddle around to find the real
Download page - because the menu just seems to work like other pages
(Download is already active, so no additional "hidden" page).

Consequently, clicking on a group like "Features" activates "Features"
and activates the first item in the sub-menu.

Sorry to bother you, but I consider this pretty important, since I
really want to avoid that this is replicated by all the l10n pages ...


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