Bernhard Dippold wrote on 2011-01-19 00.27:

b.) We move the mailing lists @libreoffice.org to some subdomain (like

Seems to be more reasonable to me.

looking at what people said, I guess everyone is in favor of this solution, indeed.

If people prefer we could use "main" instead of "global" (just because
it's shorter), but I prefer "global" here.

Following the mailing list list [1] this would mean:

l...@libreoffice.org -> l...@global.libreoffice.org
us...@libreoffice.org -> us...@global.libreoffice.org
website@libreoffice.org -> webs...@global.libreoffice.org
documentat...@libreoffice.org -> documentat...@global.libreoffice.org
market...@libreoffice.org -> market...@global.libreoffice.org
des...@libreoffice.org -> des...@global.libreoffice.org
accessibil...@libreoffice.org -> accessibil...@global.libreoffice.org

Christian proposed using @www.libreoffice.org, but I dislike it for two reasons:

* lots of people will simply leave out the @www as they do for surfing the web, which will lead to bounces and confusion

* @www sounds stupid for mailing lists

I am very much in favor of @global.libreoffice.org as it reflects what it is -- not a local list, but a global one. So, if nobody shouts out loud, I will use this subdomain.

I already contacted GMANE and mail-archive.com so we can have our archives renamed there as well.

Perhaps this chance might be used to move the LibreOffice related
disc...@documentfoundation.org list to @libreoffice.org too?

disc...@documentfoundation.org -> disc...@global.libreoffice.org
(and leave discuss@TDF to discussions about the foundation)

Indeed, this makes sense. I have something similar in mind for announce@tdf

So, last chance to veto :-)


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