On 2021-09-09 20:12, Andreas Mantke wrote:

Am 09.09.21 um 19:31 schrieb Brett Cornwall:

There's a place for CMSes like WordPress. LibreOffice decided in favor
of Hugo because the product is a static website that will rarely
change, requires less maintenance burden than the current CMS
solution, and requires modern web development practices without the
onerous natures of huge, complex frameworks. The blog remains an
approachable secondary CMS to those that require easy editing. This is
a relatively insubstantial part of the LibreOffice project and, once
the replacement site is finished, will require little upkeep.
I wonder if website with content that rarely change, are very attractive
to the public. Will they attract more users and people who are
interested in the project?

Does everything always have to be designed to attract interest of contributors? The front page website isn't a charity. I should hope that the project is interested in considering the website as a tool to further its mission. If someone's interested in helping further that mission by making it better, it's up to LibreOffice to have the community infrastructure in place to get that person welcomed in as easily as possible.

Planning the homepage to be some sort of perpetual infrastructure project for the vague notion of attracting contributors to such a specific need (Who? For what purpose?) sounds pretty Kafka-esque to me. This is a site that needs to be finished so that the talent can move on to improve other aspects of the project.

This is *reducing the technical barrier to entry* because there is now
no need to write PHP, Python, or whichever lower-level language is
necessary to build the CMS-based sites. There's no way around the fact
that there is some technical expertise required when building a
website. *Content* may not require the expertise, but the *content* is
so rarely changing on libreoffice.org (The hero slideshow has had the
same text/graphics since the inception of LibreOffice AFAICR).

And that maybe an issue, if you want to attract new users etc. The
website is the showcase of an internet project. And in the analog world
the content etc. of a showcase will also not stay the same for a longer
time ;-)

I'm not sure I understand your argument here. Are you saying that people's experience with contributing to the website is the barometer of the project's contributory experience? That's pretty arbitrary and likely not indicative of the average contributor's interests.

You should also have in mind that a website needs some adaption to a
(local) cultural environment. The translation of content alone made not
a good localized international project website.

This is a good point, but not really relevant to the discussion. No matter what tool we use there will be some form of technical barrier to implement different pages in different languages. It's webdev work will require some degree of learning to get involved.

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