1. Brett
 2. Hossein
 3. Cloph
 4. guilhem


 * Hossein: Is the number of commits reported in the Weblate and Kibana
   dashboard correct?
   + Hundreds of changes are being shown as thousands
   + The number of edits is approximately multiplied by the number of
     branches, because many small strings exist in multiple branches
   + The number can be filtered by a branch.
   + In this way, the number can be considered OK.
   + guilhem: Check the “Data Status” dashboard to see when the metrics were
     last imported
 * Hossein: Is the number of git commits reported in the Kibana dashboard
   + The author should be found using the "Add filter" method then adding the
     author_name, and not by just searching for the name in the lucene input
     field.  (Hint: Then the filter can be pinned, and used with other pages
     like Git, Bugzilla, etc.)
   + In this way, the reported number matches the count in the default branch.
   + A simple statistics page is created for MC (Guilhem)
     - The statistics is pulled from Kibana dashboard JSON API and is
       displayed as a simple web page
     - Should be possible in possible to show the output for everyone in
       his/her SSO profile page
     - Hossein: There are badges that are awarded to the people in the "Month
       of LibreOffice campaign"
       . Because the data is available in the dashboard, it is possible to
         give people badges in their sso profile page
       . We should ask Mike for more information on criterias to give badges
 * Postgres DB backups (Brett)
   + I discovered that pg_basebackup does not feasibly work in a push mechanism,
     only pull.
     - If we are to go the pg_basebackup + remote WAL archiving route, we'll
       need to either switch the WAL archives to a pull mode (a little more
       complicated to set up) or set up both push *and* pull (push for WAL,
       pull for pg_basebackup).
   + G: We want backups that don't require full dumps frequently (hundreds of
     GiB is a pain to have to transfer often). Custom logic/scripting is not
     desired, let's see what other people do (we're not the only ones with
     this issue).
   + Brett: there is also, need to check in more
     details - natively packaged in Debian and is a popular backup solution.
     . Documentation looks much better than barman's, we can follow their
       recommendations to limit any issues that would be affect unique setups
   + G: Will upgrade the backup box/etherpad to Debian 11 to have a homogenous
     baseline (edit: done since the call)
 * Jenkins hiccups:
   + occasionally runs out of heap space and refuses new connections (Jenkins 
   + edit: possibly caused by an issue deeper in the virtualizion stack, now
   + callgrind job DoS CI and filling disks
     - g: not really sustainable at the current rate
     - cloph: the output is now compressed immediately after it is finished
       (~250 MB compressed / 3GB uncompressed)
     - currently keeping 15 days of logs, can reduce to 7 days if needs be
   + The maximum number of concurrent jobs is now limited to avoid problems
     - One instance of such a problem: Changing many submissions from "Work in
       progress" to "Ready for review"
 * Systems upgrades (g): upgraded a dozens systems last week, notably AskLibO
   and Nextcloud
 * Next call: Dec 21 at 17:30UTC


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