1. guilhem
 2. Emiliano
 3. cloph

 * Feedback to Emiliano about PeerTube
   + g: as presented it feels more like a solution in search of a problem (and
     not the opposite unlike written on the list ^^)
   + Emiliano: AFAIK the main point is to let Paolo reclaim storage on his
     instance and serve videos ourselves
     - g: if we want a video platform then peertube is likely the way to go, but
       is there really demand from the LO community for this?
     - serving the videos ourselves (and not from a 3rd party) is a noble cause,
       but it's much simpler to serve directly from backend in that case (no
       need for a separate platform)
       . see for an example
     - cloph: agreed, no objection but if we don't need a full-fledged video
       platform there is indeed little point of having our own instance
   + Emiliano: is it feasible/desired to source videos ourselves (blog, website,
     conference) — and with which overhead?
     - cloph: hetzner cloud has 20TB/month included and we'd probably not exceed
       . if it does however then we could just split the backend and use a load
     - g: community might want a video platform later down the road (eg for
       commenting, counters, favs etc), but having a storage backend at hand is
       in fact a prerequisite
       . so these are not conflicting / incompatible proposals; it's more like
         one is an extension of the other
   + space needs is unclear at the moment
     - cloph: don't think it'd be too much of a problem budget-wise anyway, 
16TB for
       80€/month would cover all our needs
       . g: agreed, but iirc storage box is suboptimal for public storage 
         (connections are capped)
 * PostgreSQL backups (Brett absent)
 * Fallback/handover during cloph's vacation
 * cloph: not much handover to the infra team (releases are handed by Xisco)
   + guilhem to publish releases and push to mirrors (incl portableapps)
 * AI guilhem: Upcoming upgrades (between xmas and new year, potentially 
   + Matomo (OS + 4.4 → 4.6 — downtime due to schema upgrade)
   + gerrit (OS + 3.3 → 3.4)
     - already tested on the stage instance, but not the replication logic
     - possible regression for replication over SSH (untested), in the worst
       case we need to be prepared for an emergency downgrade
   + crashreport (OS, downtime due to PostgreSQL upgrade via dump+reimport, 
should take ~24h)
     - cloph: no problem
   + jenkins OS
   + {OpenGrok (JGit backend would be a welcome change but ≥1.6 requires 
     - g: tomcat's security track record isn't so pretty, feel more comfortable
       sticking to what's provided by the OS proper and let its security team 
       care of security fixes
     - that means we're stuck to tomcat9 for now, hence to {OpenGrok <1.6
     - can reconsider later if people badly want {OpenGrok 1.6 or later
 * Feedback to the SUSE folks regarding gandalf:
   + g, cloph: no objection
   + guilhem to reply
 * Next call: Jan 18 at 17:30 CET
   + happy holidays! :-]


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