1. guilhem
2. Brett
3. cloph

 * Mailing list migration to
   + Brett, cloph: no strong opinion, fine to leave things as is
   + AI guilhem: send follow up in late July, if no further feedback then leave
     things as is
 * Weblate issues: internal django issues triggered a mail to ADMINS/MANAGERS
   and DoS'ed the smarthost
   + cloph: was an rare situation, can deal with that as exceptional scenario
     and eg turn off postfix if needed
   + g: need to evaluate scaling up the smarthost and/or fire another one for
     round-robin balancing anyway — depending on how the mail volume added by
     the new Discourse site
 * PiTR guilhem: working on the ssh key provisioning now, should be ready by the
   end of the month
 * Mirrorbit:
   + need to test the site with real user requests to see what happens
   + ideally during a week with lower number of downloads
   + cloph: before w33 (starting august 15), aiming for mid July to early August
   + lower the TTL on download.tdf during the test
 * Brett: planing to start the iptables (shorewall) → nftables, did create a
   ticket for this (rdm#3609)
   + is fail2ban used?
     - g: only for mail.tdf at the moment, but that machine is intentionally
       left out of salt
     - would make sense to use it for auth.tdf though
 * Next call: July 19, 16:30 UTC


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