1. guilhem
2. brett
3. Ilmari
4. Emiliano
5. cloph

* guilhem: removed google from 's CSP
  + if someone complains that can be added back as a quickfix and later
    replaced with xapian indices as we have for help and books
  + cloph: FYI that's only for the API "homepage", doxygen stuff remains for
    classes and functions (with auto-completion)
* Ongoing infra migration
  + 2 hypervisors left
  + guilhem: requested another server increase at hetzner, currently at 50
    which should give a bit of headroom
  + not overcommiting CPU/Mem (good) on the remaining hypervisors but
    suffering on disk I/O (cf. Stéphane's report) and bandwidth congestion
  + systems to migrate next: crashreport, dev-{www,downloads}, downloadarchives
  + guilhem: will remove mb (and apache) from downloadarchives and replace
    that with lua-autogenerated index pages (mb is not used as mirror there
    anyway, only for digests, index pages and sigs)
    - cloph: warning, we have the north-america mirror for the windows
      installer which is frequently running into bandwidth quota issues
    - extra cost is not prohibitive but we might as well run 2 machines then
      and let a load balancer choose which one to use
    - or alternatively use a physical machine (unlike VMs, not under quota)
  + vm219: builds some WASM stuff every day at ~3am
    - can stay at Manitu for now, but might make sense to move to Hetzner at
      somepoint to lower the load during the night (low urgency)
    - our only ubuntu box currently so should probably change OS to Debian or
      CentOS if we're going to migrate the box anyway
  + guilhem: would like to fix intranet (ipsec) for whitebox monitoring (and
    jumphost etc)
* board-discuss migration to , cf.
  + AI guilhem (aiming for the 1st week-end of April — 1st or 2nd)
  + guilhem: can move the website list there too if there is any interest
    - cloph, Brett, Ilmari: no strong opinion, doesn't seem urgent anyway
  + can also use that discourse instance for some of the dev lists (QA, -dev,
    etc), the system has nice shiny rendering for code snippets (with line
    numbers and syntax highlighting).  but the request needs to come from the
    folks involved :-)
* CI: cloph: jenkins seems stable for now
  + random issues on some bots (such as macs, eg disk space)
    - Brett: want to improve the script to gracefully detect that there is
      something wrong and disconnect from jenkins, but if you find a better
      workaround first then go for it
  + one of the windows bots is offline, bottleneck there ATM
  + OK with the Mac right now (as long as all the bots are connected and
    working), but still interest in the ones that are due to arrive to
    - AI guilhem: poke Adfinis and ask if the parcel arrived
  + cloph: rather short on bots ATM but that's just high demand right now
    (combined with high failure rate), should be more or less settled now
* cloph: FYI new version of Weblate
  + perf improvements (search)
  + improvements in plural handling
  + might be able to upgrade before easter
* gerrit 3.7.1 released with lots of cosmetic changes, guilhem to test it on
  the stage instance first
  + want to replace cache backend from H2 to chroniclemap
  + H2 caches are not freed unless one restarts gerrit
* Next call: April 18, 16:30 UTC (note the DST!)


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