seems that you create some "filtering" about what email is acceptable or not... 
I created an account with a trash gmail account, but can't create one with this 
email help.7o...@8shield.net which is my alias for help asking to prevent spam 
and contact leaking... today, email address are more and more problematic, used 
to track user accross websites (since used extensively for registration), every 
big well known website end being hacked and have user leakage, even google, 
facebook, mozilla and other big tech get their user email harvested and user 
like me end needing to destroy their mailbox because too exposed on the web, 
because too many spam....

so I don't want to provide my main mailbox address which is kept private and no 
one know it... familly, friends, websites.... use alias that I can control, 
like the one provided, so that I can destroy it if exposed and create new one 
to share with the corresponding peoples...

but... you force user to use "big tech" emails, not accepting alias emails... 
with all the news about privacy leak /selling about bigtechs... you contribute 
to people tracing and profiling and even mozilla help forum sent me spam less 
than 2 weeks after registration... so even if you're certainly a competent 
system administration, you will end being hacked and have user's data leak... 
and worst your policy don't even prevent spam bots or other "fun" tech to 
register, creating a fake stupid account, even on google that force using a 
phone number to create an account and prevent multiple account with the same 
phone (bringing concern about phone number tracing and privacy profiling using 
the phone number as database key, as whatsapp do) it's easy to create 1000th of 
dumb emails (just have to buy a prepaid, create account, remove the phone, 
create account, remove the phone...) . before using alias and moving out of 
google world, I received 4 to 6 fishing emails per week originating from gmail 
emails... so you better filter gmail.com emails instead of 8shield.net and 
other simplelogin aliases..
so, what the point? you don't prevent fake account, and worst, you prevent 
people like me that are privacy concerned to keep safe on the web...

best regards

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