On 2.11.2023 1.24, Gorjan Lakaliski wrote:
Short Name:   Proposal to Enhance LibreOffice.org's Website Navigation

Location:    Overall site

Proposal / Issue Description:

As an enthusiastic advocate for website user experience enhancement, I am
reaching out with a comprehensive proposal aimed at improving the
navigation of LibreOffice.org.


    Introduction: The proposal addresses issues based on statistical
    insights and user feedback. From July to September 2023, SimilarWeb
    analytics reported a substantial number of visitors to the site. However,
    our user survey revealed a consistent challenge with site navigation,
    impacting users' ability to access critical information like downloads and
    release notes.

    Problem Statement: The survey reported that the most significant issue
    users face is the difficulty in navigating the website, particularly in
    finding download links and release notes. Participants highlighted
    cumbersome dropdown menus, challenges in finding localized versions, and
    confusion arising from the existence of two download options.

    Importance of Effective Navigation: Effective navigation is pivotal for
    user satisfaction and brand credibility. It influences site credibility,
    user completion of goals, and impacts support costs.


it would have been good to reach out before conducting the survey. There is already a redesigned website that has not yet been released. The information architecture of the site was rethought and made simpler. Cumbersome dropdown menus are no longer used for navigation.

A volunteer team worked on the redesign, which involved user research/testing: https://blog.documentfoundation.org/blog/2021/07/20/libreoffices-new-website-meet-the-design-team/

We decided to launch the foundation site with the design first as it is simpler: https://www.documentfoundation.org/

The foundation site repository is https://git.libreoffice.org/infra/documentfoundationorg/

The software site has many times more complexity, especially as it has to be multilingual. With the generous help of Phu Nguyen, we now have a pipeline for translations. The biggest remaining job now is to copy over at least some of the translated content from the existing site (it is 99% the same) and upload everything to our Weblate translation platform.

The software site repository is https://git.libreoffice.org/infra/libreofficeorg/

Currently there is no preview due to recent changes in link generation, but we are looking into fixing this in Hugo static site generator.


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