Dear all,
I know F25 Beta has just been released, but we have so much stuff to do for
F25 GA I decided to branch F25 now.
We have 3 main topics to work on, and in the middle of all that we need to
update websites to F25 final.

1) FMW is now the primary download option for workstation. We have his
working for Beta, but there is still more work to do for final. Mockups are

2) Atomic is going to be the default cloud image
This is a big change for us, but in the last weeks mizmo helped to get it
sorted out and we have some nice mockups to rely on:

3) Secondary arches and stuff now are ufficially called "Aternative
Downloads", because we don't want class A and class B images.
I worked on that time ago and made a sort of front page (Mo did the mockup
again), we need to revisit this page and make the subpages if needed. This
is going to be a new website, so please care about consistency with our
other websites:
See also:

Interested in some part? Then join #fedora-websites and read our tickets in
fedorahosted [1] and pagure [2] carefully. For any doubts just ask, would
be probably also a good idea to have a quick meetup for these tasks, in
order to distribute the workload efficiently.


Best regards.

Robert Mayr
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