hugh reported a new issue against the project: `fedora-websites` that you are 
Step 1 says "Download the Fedora Media Writer app below."
For Linux users, there is no description of how to get that program.

For Fedora "sudo dnf install mediawriter" should work.  Sadly, the F27 version 
defaults to burning F26 onto the stick.

For Linux, a simple old-school dd should work (it always has).  But that is a 
bit hard-core.  And various arcane flags significantly improve performance.  
Furthermore, specifying the wrong disk could be disastrous.  Here's my best 
guess (not checked!).  How do you explain what ??? should be?

sudo dd if=Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-28_Beta-1.3.iso of=/dev/??? bs=1M 

There's also the issue of making sure that the stick is neither mounted nor 
ejected before the dd.


- the description is misleading for Linux users

- the correct way for users of Linux other than Fedora is too difficult and 

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