pbrobinson added a new comment to an issue you are following:
> Yes, as I said above. Cloud images of alternate architectures, for example, 
> are on alt.fp.o/alt. The same applies for other specific images of alternate 
> architectures, I don't see any inconsistency here.

I know you said that, but there is no indication of where to find them from the 
page I link above, if someone goes to the cloud page looking for a cloud image 
for another architecture before there is *NO* indication we do cloud images for 
anything other than *x86* so they leave with the opinion that we don't do cloud 
images for anything but x86_64. This (and the other tickets) are non intuitive, 
this is causing press *not* to report on a bunch of non x86 developments which 
is impacting the project.

Please link to the tickets/,meeting notes/discussions where the decision was 
made by the WG not to list all the cloud images on the same page

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