Can anyone point me towards vendors of systems like this (off list, please)

Thank you,
Bruce Bradigan
Healthcare Consultant

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> This is exactly what my physician does.  When I have lab work 
> at his office, I am given a slip of paper that has dial-in 
> instructions, the pin number and my code number and when I 
> can expect for the results to be available.  I dial-in and 
> listen to my physician's pre-recorded message to me regarding 
> the results of my lab work and any comments about it.  Only 
> if the results are really "bad" does the doctor or nurse 
> personally call and discuss the results (and this is prior to 
> the results being available on the dial-in system).  I like 
> the system since there is no phone tag, I can listen to the 
> results when convenient for me, don't have to worry about 
> family members accidently erasing the message and I can 
> listen to it again (for up to so many days).  The only down 
> side is when the doctor does call you know immediately that 
> it is not good news.

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