Can anyone please give me ideas of what they think patients would request
with the Restrictions on the Uses and Disclosures of PHI and the
Confidential Communications. We have the following in place already, and are
trying to write a common-sense policy about these issues. It is hard to
anticipate what else the patients might request. Thoughts or past requests
that you have come across?

1. We are anticipating requests for alternative billing locations
2. We have "privacy codes" in our system to address the following, which we
use during care and after discharge (especially the no information given to
(Information given ONLY to family members)
(No information is given to anyone)
" I have no information on a patient by that name."     
% = NO PHONE CALLS      
(Do not give out the extension or ring any calls)
 "The patient has requested that no phone calls be placed to their room."

(You may give only the condition to callers)
"The patient has requested that no phone calls be placed to their room."

(No visitors are permitted to visit the patient)        

(No further information will be given)
"No further information can be released about this patient or their

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