Who's doing this?
<< Can you guess what law schools are promoting courses in successful litigation under HIPAA regulations? We have at least one here in Florida I am aware of.>> 
Please let me know, I'd love to see the curriculum and figure out the holes in it, perhaps work up articles to help judges reject HIPAA claims. Something like this would be counter-productive and would require creative lawyering to develop strong private claims (or is the training is for prosecutors or OCR investigators?)   
By the way, this is one attorney who co-presented about two dozen half-day state medical association sponsored trainings for docs, including a thick compliance manual, for compensation that basically covered expenses, i.e. pro bono. And no, I don't get a lot of work from docs - a little from time to time,  not much, doctors don't trust lawyers and don't want to spend money on them (and get mad at us when they mess up legal matters trying to do it themselves and it costs them more to fix the problems they caused!) - not my client base, but a profession I respect and felt needed the help since nobody else was stepping up to the plate.
Just a thought to keep lawyer slamming in perspective.
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