On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 11:02:33 AM UTC-7, mwall wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 1:25:14 PM UTC-4, Eelco F wrote:
>> Since then, CPU_temp is no longer read out, and also neteth0rbytes and 
>> tbytes are now longer written to the graphs. I think the latter must be due 
>> to ubuntu which calls eth0 enp0s25 now. This is due to systemd.
> why must the little children at redhat break everything...

Now hold'on thar pardner....

   - not fair to blame vendor-A for vendor-B making an incompatible change 
   when vendor-B updated their os
   - not fair to blame vendor-B for jumping on another 
   yet-another-next-one-true-init-system (sigh...) bandwagon
   - vendor-B here 'could' have chosen to disable the dynamic naming thing 
   had they chosen to
   - the unpredictable ethernet device thing has been around for maybe 8 
   years now or more, so that predates systemd by many years.....
   - each os vendor seems to have a (different) way to revert to the old 
Some more options:

   - symlink old-school name to whatever the new one comes up as on your 
   computer (unsure it's completely predictable)
   - disable the new-naming behavior (many links on this, another link for 
   Arch said to set a kernel parameter net.ifnames=0 for one example)

I've been on the other end of unpredictable ethernet naming, where some 
kernel updates changed which nic was eth0 vs. eth1 in an embedded system 
that I couldn't mess with.  Something about PCI bus ordering changed, if I 
remember things correctly, so FWIW having stable names cross reboots and 
hardware mods to me is a good thing.

Can't you just read /proc/net/dev to get the device names anyway ?

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