I've created a pull request for this update.  But sadly, I'm having a 
horrible time getting my local github repository in sync with the weewx 
master.  I can't remember how I did this before and I couldn't find 
instructions on the weewx site for creating submitting fixes, but I 
remember a pull request was desired. 

I'm going to guess  _system will return *BSD and this will work on all BSD 
based systems.  This is probably a bad assumption and I should really 
instead test specifically for 'FreeBSD' which should work on version 10 and 
11.  It might not work on Dragonfly for example, I have no way to test 
that.  I.E. Dragonfly is a fork of FreeBSD but it's likely that _system 
returns 'DragonFly' of something like that and the default unsupported 
response will be returned even though it would work.  I'd have to guess 
then that those folks would submit a report/fix to support DragonFly.  

So the crux of one question is  allow *BSD or only FreeBSD to match for 
this specific update?

Linux returns more data, I can retrieve more but I'm not a developer so I 
can't say for sure what other things would be helpful to know when 

Release, System and Processor are redundant.  Just report Platform?  

Here is an example of the output (including Python version) 

System info

  Operating system: ('FreeBSD', 'freebsd1', '11.0-RELEASE-p8', 'FreeBSD 
11.0-RELEASE-p8 #8: Mon Mar  6 01:04:05 PST 2017     
root@freebsd1:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/RPI-B', 'arm', 'armv6')
  Release:        11.0-RELEASE-p8
  Platform:       FreeBSD-11.0-RELEASE-p8-arm-armv6-32bit-ELF
  Processor:      armv6
  System:         FreeBSD
  Python Version: 2.7.13
  1 minute load average:  0.27
  5 minute load average:  0.19
  15 minute load average: 0.17

And so my brain doesn't explode after working on github, I've attached the 
file too.

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