Thanks Vince,

Vince Skahan wrote:
> In the past I've cooked up bogus fake 'provides xyz' rpms with fpm to get 
> around rpms that 'require' stuff that I want to get onto the system with 
> pip (or to totally skip installing even).  That might be your best way.   
> Install the 'fake weewx prerequisites' rpm, install them for real with pip, 
> and your weewx rpm should install just fine with yum.
> fpm is pretty quick to spin up on if you want to just impersonate the rpms

That's quite the package. Comprehensive, yet simple.

I just used it to convert the 'fake weewx prerequisites' deb I'd made here
and that was painless.
I'll fetch the official rpm and tweak that one for reuse.

(It'll also be interesting to see how they compare.)

> Or use 'rpm --nodeps' to install weewx perhaps ? 

Hmmm. This machine is not mine and I won't be managing it. I have less than
fond memories of rpm --nodeps. As I recall 'rpm hell', was a phrase used often.
Things may well have changed for the good but the fewer potential problems
the better it will be for everyone.

In this instance, I like the idea of fpm as I can build the new package here
and as there is no rpm repo to stomp on it, then it should survive until
old age gets it.



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