I am now getting data from two of my MQTT sensors so I am not going to 
worry about the "b".

Thanks again.

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 5:30:11 PM UTC-8, Rich Bell wrote:
> Great news!
> Your memory is correct. But, in this case I am logging the exact payload - 
> before I decode it when running under python 3.  
> Since you are getting data, I will assume all is good until I hear 
> otherwise.  And thank you for taking the leap and giving this a try.
> Rich
> On Tuesday, 14 January 2020 20:11:33 UTC-5, Ralph Underwood wrote:
>> I put both the ' and : in quotes ( "," and ":")  and I am getting some 
>> data from MQTT! 
>> I have another Rpi running NodeRed to watch the mqtt data and it is 
>> showing a continuous stream of data from two of the sensors with an 
>> occasional message from the third. Something else to sort out.
>> My memory is getting bad - in the message below  I see the "b"  which I 
>> think indicates a unicode problem, which I solved in my standalone 
>> subscription program by adding 'decode' here and there a month ago a 
>> suggestion from Tom K.
>> DEBUG user.MQTTSubscribe: MessageCallbackProvider For weather has QOS of 
>> 0 and retain of 0 received:* b*'TIME:0,soilTemp3:14.68,INHU:40.00'
>> Thanks for the help!
>> On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 4:37:56 PM UTC-8, Rich Bell wrote:
>>> Ralph,
>>> My first guess is that it doesn’t like the comma in the config for the 
>>> delimiter. This is based on this line the log.
>>> Jan 14 15:39:40 TestPi weewx[5256] INFO user.MQTTSubscribe: Message 
>>> callback config is {'type': 'keyword', 'keyword_delimiter': [], 
>>> 'keyword_separator': ':', 'label_map': {'soilTemp3': 'soilTemp3', 
>>> 'soilTemp2': 'soilTemp2', 'tempSoil1': 'soilTemp1'}}
>>> It is showing the delimiter as an empty list. I’d have to run a few 
>>> tests to confirm and determine what is needed to change. Unfortunately a 
>>> busy few days here. In the meantime you could try quoting it...
>>> Rich

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