Using the WeMo and an FO without batteries is something I hadn't considered 
and seems kinda cute, especially with the IFTTT hack.

I wonder if doing a timed shutdown of the Pi periodically, followed by a 
timed reset of the WeMo (off then on), which would reset the FO, would help 
prevent the lockups -- on the theory that one happens *eventually* if left 
running continuously?

However, this presumably wouldn't prevent data loss in the event of an 
unplanned outage, which an FO with batteries *can* do. I also have 
occasional power outages and what usually happens is that the Pi catches up 
the buffered data. I keep 


directories in a RAM disk to save SD card I/O and have had no SD card 
issues at all.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7:22:45 PM UTC+1, George Alexander wrote:
> i have got a WeMo switch that is plugged into the wall, and then the power 
> for the Pi is plugged into that. At any stage that I notice the FO has 
> locked up, I can remotely cycle the power, and everything is reset - so far 
> it has been working a treat.
> In order to make it work successfully though, the wiring gets a little bit 
> messy. From the WeMo, power goes into an external hard-drive, usb 
> all-in-one caddy. From one of the usb outputs is power to the Pi, from 
> another is power to the FO unit. The FO unit has no batteries in it, so 
> when the power is recycled, it will reset. Yes, this means that the time is 
> always wrong on it as well as other settings, but that becomes irrelevant 
> when reading it with weewx anyway. The usb caddy is also connected to the 
> Pi via its data port, so the Pi can read the caddy. There is a 2.5" laptop 
> drive also in the caddy, when the Pi initially boots it hands over the the 
> HD to prevent wear and tear on the SD card.
> One of the issues I have found, is that the WeMo device remains "off" if 
> there is a power cut. We have a few of those where I live. Yeah, I could go 
> down the route of a UPS, but it's a little excessive for something that's 
> not really mission critical. The solution I found was an IFTT recipe. It 
> checks if the WeMo power is on, and if not, turns it on - it works in 
> seconds.  
> This got me to wondering if I could make another IFTT recipe - on that 
> checked if the Pi had read th FO in the last say, ten minutes, and if not, 
> turned the WeMo off. The first recipe would then turn it back on again and 
> presto, we're up and running again. More thought and research is require 
> for that one though.

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