ok, I see what radar is doing... Most of the "magic" is going to happen in 
a perl script that he is piping the stream into. His tcpdump and stdbuf all 
pretty much give the same stuff as the ngrep/sed stuff I have been trying 
to use (spread across multiple lines still) and then he has a perl script 
that glues them all together.

I already wasn't super thrilled about having to run the helper script 
outside the driver to sniff the data, and I really want to avoid a third 

I am brushing up on my iptables... hoping that some combination of a TEE 
and a DNAT or REDIRECT can sniff off the relevant stream and change the 
dest ip/port. That then feeds into the interceptor driver as normal. If I 
cant get that to work, I am thinking about bringing in the libpcap stuff I 
had added to my hackulink driver and eliminating the helper script all 

If I got the libpcap working, is that something we'd be interesting in 
bringing into the driver itself?

On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 3:04:22 PM UTC-5, mwall wrote:
> On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 12:21:13 PM UTC-4, Jerome Helbert wrote:
>> Two things here...
>>    1. I need some way to get ngrep or tcpdump to piece together the http 
>>    stream properly... I tried to use sed, but since sed operates on a line 
>> by 
>>    line basis - it is not very easy (if possible) for it to remove 
>> newlines...
>> have you tried radar's approach with stdbuf and strings? once the 
> fragments are reassembled, you should be able to send the data along using 
> curl.
>>    1. I seem to have found a bug with the version reporting... since it 
>>    reported a different version than what was in it the bridge went into 
>>    reprogramming mode and would *not* leave until it updated firmware 
>>    (undid the DNS Hijack, etc and let it re-update to 224 even though it was 
>>    already at that version)
>> there is an (untested) fix for this at commit b27acc1 (interceptor driver 
> 0.13a)
> [Interceptor]
>     ...
>     firmware_version = 224
> m

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