Yes, that worked. Thanks so much Gary.

weewx@weewx:~$ sudo /home/weewx/bin/wee_import 
Starting wee_import...
A CSV import from source file '/home/weewx/archive/csvdata.csv' has been 
Using database binding 'wx_binding', which is bound to database 'weewx.sdb'
Destination table 'archive' unit system is '0x10' (METRIC).
Missing derived observations will be calculated.
Starting import ...
7 records identified for import.
Proceeding will save all imported records in the weewx archive.
Are you sure you want to proceed (y/n)? y
Records processed: 7; Unique records: 7; Last timestamp: 2016-10-16 18:00:00 
AEST (1476604800)
Finished import. 7 raw records resulted in 7 unique records being processed in 
8.36 seconds.
Those records with a timestamp already in the archive will not have been
imported. Confirm successful import in the weewx log file.

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