To clarify.
You have weewx working with extra sensors.
You are now trying to get mesowx working on a remote server, which you have
access to.

> and edited the weewx.conf, added the 2 provided special from LH... I assume is one of those files, what's the 2nd one?

> Dec  1 15:17:48 raspberrypi weewx[3393]:     ****      val =
> dict.__getitem__(self, key)
> Dec  1 15:17:48 raspberrypi weewx[3393]:     ****  KeyError:
> 'remote_server_url'
> Dec  1 15:17:48 raspberrypi weewx[3393]:     ****  Exiting.

> [RemoteSync]

>   #
>   # This section is for configuration of the MesoWx remote sync
service/plugin. This service
>   # will synchronize archive and/or raw/LOOP data to a Meso web server
instance over HTTP.
>   #

>   # The base URL of your Meso instance
>   #    remote_server_url = XXX obfuscated by wee_debug XXX

Going by the supplied weewx.conf file,  you don't have the
"remote_server_url" available, it's commented out.
Try uncommenting it and see what happens.

Regarding the extra sensors that you mention in your other thread, as
Andrew says the database needs to know about them.

>From memory, at least the following 2 mesowx files need the additional
sensor data added to them.


    Config.fieldDefaults = {
        'dateTime':         new meso.FieldDef('dateTime',,
0,      meso.Agg.avg),
        'outTemp':          new meso.FieldDef('outTemp',
mesowx.Unit.c,          1,      meso.Agg.avg,   'Out Temp'),

also within
            "columns" : {
                "dateTime" : {"type" : "number", "unit" : "s"},
                "interval" : {},
                "barometer" : {"unit" : "hPa"},


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