in case you like PHP, I have done this Beaufort calculation this way (with 
a small PHP code inside my template file)

            \$vitesse = 0$current.windSpeed.raw;
            if ("$unit.label.windSpeed" == " km/h") {
              if (\$vitesse > 1) \$bff="1-Trés Légère Brise";
              if (\$vitesse > 6) \$bff="2-Légère Brise";
              if (\$vitesse > 12) \$bff="3-Petite Brise";
              if (\$vitesse > 20) \$bff="4-Jolie Brise";
              if (\$vitesse > 29) \$bff="5-Bonne Brise";
              if (\$vitesse > 39) \$bff="6-Vent Frais";
              if (\$vitesse > 50) \$bff="7-Grand Frais";
              if (\$vitesse > 62) \$bff="8-Coup de Vent";
              if (\$vitesse > 75) \$bff="9-Fort Coup de Vent";
              if (\$vitesse > 89) \$bff="10-Tempête";
              if (\$vitesse > 103) \$bff="11-Violente Tempête";
              if (\$vitesse > 118) \$bff="12-Ouragan"; 
          else {\$bff="to be updated for other than km/h"; }
          echo \$bff;

The text is in french, but it should be easy to remove or replace by any 

Also I handle only windspeed in km/h (just because it's my default unit and 
I was lazy to handle all units :-)). but it's easy to adjust too.

Best regards,

Le vendredi 10 février 2017 19:35:59 UTC+1, Eelco F a écrit :
> I do have a question on this.
> I noticed that as of weewx 3.2 there is a beaufort calculation in 
> Stdwxcalculate, right?
> Now how do I get beaufort values in my reports? Until now I used 
> javascript too, but it should be possible directly from weewx?
> Ef
> Op zondag 16 maart 2014 09:08:27 UTC+1 schreef Ronald Wildner:
>> I am wondering if there is any hint to display current WindSpeed in 
>> Beaufort !
>> I used google and the search -function, but could not find anything 
>> adequate ;-)

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