Thanks for your fast response.

In the first place, i was thinking about a hardware problem. So I already 
bought a new PI with a new power supply and usb cabel. The new PI has the 
same problem as the old one. The pi’s are running the same new linux 
kernels. I regularly update my system too avoid vulnerabilities. Before i 
updated my old Pi to 3.7.1, i was running 3.6.2. Yes, I also updated 
raspbian os when i was updating weewx. 

Is it maybe an option to run the simulation software on the old PI with the 
same linux kernel that we are running now on the new PI?
I was also thinking about running the software on a standard PC whit a 
other debian distribution, to make clear that not raspbian os is causing 
the problems. What do you think about that? 

I am looking forward to your response.

Regards Tom

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