On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 7:58:28 AM UTC-4, Peter Röd wrote:
> When I try to start Weewx, with the follwing commands
> cd /Users/Shared/weewx
> ./bin/weewxd weewx.conf
> nothing happens. No error, no warning, no reaction. No process visible in 
> activity monitor.
> Weather station is a WS3080
> Where is my mistake?
to see what weewx is doing, look in the system log.  unfortunately, recent 
versions of macos make this rather difficult.  use the 'console' 
application, or look in the computer's system.log file.

what is the station's archive interval?  the factory default is 30 minutes 
for fine offset ws3080 stations.  you won't see any output until the end of 
the first archive interval.  you can either wait 30 minutes, or change the 
archive interval to something shorter, for example 5 minutes:

wee_device --set-interval=5 

also, since this is a fine offset station, you probably should set 
record_generation=software in the weewx configuration file.

finally, be sure to set the data_format:

    data_format = 3080


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