Hi Andrew,

In the meantime, I have been searching for a solution, and I think I have 
found one:

- I have tried the latest jQuery version that is still compatible with our 
current smartphone layout, by changing the header of the various .tmpl 
files in the directory /etc/weewx/skins/Standard/smartphone , the site is 
now using the newer versions.

The highest jQuery versions, still compatible with weewx are:


- The "hang" problem on Ipad's and Iphones is probably caused by a (too) 
slow handling of the slide transition effect when going back to the main 
smartphone screen. By choosing the option 'fade' instead of 'slide' the 
problem has been solved. I have tried this on various Apple devices....     
Of course this causes a fade effect instead of a slide effect when browsing 
around, but I can live with that!   This setting is stored in the file 

Maybe it is possible to include these changes in the next release of weewx ?


Sef Konings

Op woensdag 9 augustus 2017 12:56:55 UTC+2 schreef Sef Konings:
> Dear weewx forum,
> In weewx, there is a nice smartphone skin. This skin is working perfectly 
> on Android, or windows smartphones. But on an Ipad or Iphone, I have 
> noticed that the main smartphone page is often not loaded when you use the 
> (Back) button, to go back to the main smartphone page. A manual page 
> reload lets you see that page again.  This problem occurred after an IOS 
> upgrade, some versions ago.
> I have tried it on several weewx example sites on the weewx website, they 
> all produce the same error. I have been searching for a solution by using a 
> newer version of jquery in the file 
> /etc/weewx/skins/Standard/smartphone/index.html.tmpl, but that did not fix 
> the problem. 
> To reproduce the problem, use an Ipad or Iphone, and goto my smartphone 
> page: http://sekoni.nl/weewx/smartphone/     select one of the sub pages, 
> and use the Back button a few times, to go to the main smartphone page.
> You will see that this page is not presented after a few times without 
> reloading the page.
> Maybe someone has an idea how to fix this ?
> Regards,
> Sef

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