On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 10:08:25 PM UTC-8, William wrote:
> Tried in Terminal by changing directory to where the file is.  Not sure 
> what command to invoke.  Also tried opening up the file directly, making 
> changes to save only to be met with can’t save file.   

   - you need to know how to edit files on the pi.  I'd suggest any of the 
   zillions of new pi user web-based references for how to get started.  One 
   such class is 
   which is self-paced and free (if you sign up, just don't go for the 
   'certificate', do it for free).

   - you're on a raspi so you are likely logged in as the unprivileged "pi" 
   user.  You will have to preface your commands with "sudo" to run the editor 
   with elevated permissions so it can save the file


> P.s.   appears to be two .conf files.  An original and one with current 
> date.   

   - weewx.conf is the current one.  The one(s) with a timestamp are older 
   ones with the datestamp showing when it was created.  It's a nice feature 
   if you do things like add an extension or skin which changes content and 
   you later mess something up editing by hand, or want to quickly back out 
   the addition.  You just swap the older variant into place and restart weewx 
   and you're back to where you were before essentially.

   - short answer for WU is you need to edit weewx.conf to set your station 
   parameters and restart weewx and you'll be done, once you can edit a text 
   file comfortably.  Be aware, though, that WU is pretty unstable for most 
   people.   If you find any 'unexpected features' once you see data appearing 
   there, it's likely the WU side.

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