Aha, the problem is your baromater data (or lack thereof), but the effect 
is not in the way I was expecting. The answer is in the 
skins/Standard/NOAA/NOAA-YYY-MM.txt.tmpl template file, the meat of the 
template is:

#for $day in $month.days
#if $day.barometer.count.raw
$day.dateTime.format($D) $day.outTemp.avg.nolabel($Temp,$NONE) 
$day.outTemp.max.nolabel($Temp,$NONE) $day.outTemp.maxtime.format($Time) 
$day.outTemp.min.nolabel($Temp,$NONE) $day.outTemp.mintime.format($Time) 
$day.heatdeg.sum.nolabel($Temp,$NONE) $day.cooldeg.sum.nolabel($Temp,$NONE) 
$day.rain.sum.nolabel($Rain,$NONE) $day.wind.avg.nolabel($Wind,$NONE) 
$day.wind.max.nolabel($Wind,$NONE) $day.wind.maxtime.format($Time) 
#end if
#end for

Note the if statement, the template checks for any barometer readings for the 
day, if there are some it displays all data for the day, if there are none it 
displays nothing for the day. This was done to check if there was any data to 
display for the day, I expect barometer was an arbirary choice, you could just 
change it to outTemp if you want, but keep in mind you have an orphan that will 
be overwritten when you upgrade.  The sma emechanism is also at play in the 
NOAA-YYYY.txt.tmpl template.

I'll have a closer look at that template, I would have thought there may have 
been a more robust way to achieve the same ends.


On Thursday, 8 February 2018 22:16:41 UTC+10, Steve Barge wrote:
> Hi Gary -
> Thanks for the reply.  I write all of my files to a temp file system, so 
> if I reboot, they are all deleted and rebuilt by weewx.  I've rebooted 
> several times and each time the January report looks the same (missing data 
> from the 16th on and there is nothing in the February report).
> I did some queries against the archive table and all of the temp data is 
> there - the barometer and pressure data are null, but again I wouldn't 
> think that should affect the monthly reports.
> I also checked to see when I upgraded from weewx 3.7 to 3.8 and I did it 
> on December 29, so that isn't the issue.  The only thing that I can see 
> that changed on January 16th is that my barometer data started to be 
> outside the bounds.  My weather station is not local, so I'm not sure 
> what's going on there.
> On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 5:31:19 AM UTC-5, gjr80 wrote:
>> On Thursday, 8 February 2018 00:44:35 UTC+10, Steve Barge wrote:
>>>  Looks like my pressure and barometer readings are outside the limit 
>>> values, but I wouldn't think this should affect the monthly reports.
>> Any fields with values outside the QC limits are set to None, there could 
>> be an affect on the NOAA format reports but only in as much as the 
>> barometer values may be missing; but you are correct in as much as it will 
>> not prevent the NOAA format reportsbeing produced and populated with 
>> (available) data.
>> Feb  7 08:25:32 raspberrypi weewx[26967]: ftpupload: Uploaded file 
>> /weewx/NOAA/NOAA-2018-02.txt
>> Feb  7 08:25:33 raspberrypi weewx[26967]: ftpupload: Uploaded file 
>> /weewx/NOAA/NOAA-2018.txt
>> These lines indicate the 2018 and February 2018 NOAA format reports were 
>> produced and uploaded. The report you cite as missing data is the January 
>> 2018 report, what does the February 2018 report look like? Is it complete? 
>> The way the NOAA format reports are generated is the current month and year 
>> reports are generated every report cycle, past months (and years)  reports 
>> are never generated (again) unless the report does not exist (ie you 
>> deleted it) *and* there are no reports for the subsequent months and 
>> years. What this means is that if there was some issue with your install 
>> that meant the January 2018 report is incomplete, given that we are now in 
>> February 2018 the January 2018 report will never be updated again (even if 
>> all the data is there) *unless* you delete the January and February 2018 
>> reports. If you are confident the data is in you system why don't you try 
>> deleting the January and February 2018 reports to force weeWX to regenerate 
>> the Janauary report and see if that fixes it (February report will be 
>> automatically generated as it is the current month).
>> Gary

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