Thank you very much Gary! This is exactly what I was hunting for.

Much appreciated,


On 2/11/18 8:25 PM, gjr80 wrote:

The data in the rxCheckPercent field in table archive is probably what you are after, archive holds the per archive period data. The archive_day_rxCheckPercent table holds daily summaries of the rxCheckPercent data; the daily summaries are an optimization to speed up longer term aggregates (eg day, week, month, year etc). What you will see in there is one row per day with sums, counts, max, min and respective times. To access data in the archive table try a query like:

mysql>SELECT dateTime,rxCheckPercent FROM archive ORDER BY dateTime DESC LIMIT 20;

to view the last 20 rxCheckPercent archive entries and their associated time.

As for how you want to get the data that probably depends on what you want to do with it. Having another app query the database via mysql will work, weeWX could produce a report (tabulated, freeform,CSV etc) every archive period or weeWX could produce a file (again tabulated, freeform, CSV etc) every loop period. You could also post the data to a web server via HTTP GET/POST etc. The mysql query approach may suit but requires intimate knoweldge of the weeWX db schema, reports are dead easy to do and very capable but somewhat limited in when they can be produced, loop based output will require some python programming to get/format/output your data but can generate output far more frequently. HTTP POST/GET requires python programming and knowledge of HTTP POST/GET.


On Monday, 12 February 2018 14:07:59 UTC+10, Kevin Kruzich wrote:

    I'm pulling some of the data generated by weewx into other
    mechanisms for analysis. One of the items I'd like to extract is
    Signal Quality (rxCheckPercent). This seems to be available only
    by a mysql query. I'm having a bit of trouble getting past the
    first steps in navigating. If you have suggestions on 1) how to
    build this query or 2) a better means of extracting the data
    altogether I'd be quite grateful.

    What I have so far is this:

    |dateTime |min |mintime |max |maxtime |sum |count |wsum |sumtime |

    How can I determine what the signal strength (0-100%) is at a
    given time?


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