Hi Greg, FWIW, I have a serial cable that is about 100 feet long and my 
station has been operating for 5 years

On Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 6:13:37 PM UTC-7, Greg Troxel wrote:
> I have a Vantage Pro 2 with a recent datalogger, and with the included 8 
> foot RJ11 extension cable and a PL2303 USB/serial adaptor (to a 2008 
> vintage Mac notebook running NetBSD), weewx is running fine. 
> I am about to run cables from the console to a more reasonable place for 
> the computer.  I notice that Davis specifies 48' max (the 8' plus a 
> non-supplied 40').  I am inclined to use some CAT3 or CAT5 cable and use 
> 2 pairs, one with ground/TX and one with ground/TX, and wire up a short 
> connecting cable at each end to a DB9.  My planned run might be a little 
> longer than the 48' spec. 
> So I wonder: 
>   Has anybody used a too-long cable, and did it work ok?  What type, 
>   length and ok or not? 
>   The datalogger is labeled serial, but I notice it doesn't say RS232. 
>   Is it real RS232 levels (-12V/+12V, ish), or TTL (0/5V)? 
> Thanks, 
> Greg 

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