I used DB browser for SQlite under Ubuntu to copy the data into the new 

I gave the new database to this command:

../bin/wee_database ../weewx.conf --rebuild-daily

and it failed during the process because this command :

../bin/wee_database --check-strings

told that the database has null strings in some records (12 null strings 
were found).

Hence, I used ../bin/wee_database --fix-strings to avoid the null strings.

With the repaired database, the command ../bin/wee_database ../weewx.conf 
--rebuild-daily is working fine.

Now I have a new and clean database with the new fields I wanted.

I don't know how I got these null strings, probably there in my old 
database running since 3 years.

Thank you for the brainstorming.

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