I am looking to develop a driver for the Lufft WS601-UMB.  It seems most 
systems have a single, or a few different loop packets, each with multiple 
measurements/sensor output.  The Lufft does have a few buffers with 
multiple measurements, but even combining all of them does not necessarily 
provide the specific values one might want.  It can also provide individual 
values by channel, and has different channels for different units (i.e. 
there is a channel for temp in F and another for C).  It can also use 
different protocols (UMB, MODBUS, etc).  I am thinking that using the UMB 
protocol is desirable, as it provides the best ability to configure the 
sensor suite without the proprietary sw (win only).

IS thee an in-use driver that could provide a starting place for a channel 
by channel (value by value) driver, including sensor config?  I can get 
around in Python, but I am chemist, not a programmer.  A starting place 
would be helpful.

some info on the Lufft, including user manual and UMP protocol (under 
resources tab towards bottom of the page):  


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