It may be technically correct to have None for wind direction when wind speed 
is zero (though I am sure you will find some who can put up a good argument for 
not doing this) unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world and often have 
other constraints. Clientraw.txt and other similar formatted data files (eg 
gauge-data.txt) are typically used as the data feed for some sort of display 
system, Weatherdisplay Live and the SteelSeries Weather gauges being a couple 
of examples. I can't speak for WDL but if you try feeding None (or the 
javascript equivalent null) in to the SteelSeries gauges the result is less 
than acceptable (from memory the wind direction gauge reverts to 0). In this 
case a much more acceptable outcome is to continue to feed (and hence display) 
the last known wind direction.


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