Il giorno giovedì 22 febbraio 2018 15:08:39 UTC+1, gjr80 ha scritto:
> Mauro,
> That will certainly cause the problem. Pulling data from an external IP in 
> a report cycle can be problematic when the remote IP is not replying for 
> some reason. You (or the author if not you) might want to have a look at 
> the code and see if you can refactor it to gracefully handle no response 
> from the external IP. Of course that may entail not just the code that hits 
> the URL failing gracefully but also the report template that uses the data 
> from the external IP being able to execute without the external data.
> Gary
> Yes you're right,I've changed server and revised the code with a try 
> except clause, now it should work

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