That clears up most of my confusion. (Whatever remains is inherent and no 
concern here.) Thanks!

I see the Wiki has articles on how to get data from the bridge, so I'll 
consult that if I go this route. And this appears to be the best route for 
me, for now. I'm not ready to spend twice my budget on Davis gear, and even 
though Weather Flow is very tempting, it feels a little too much like 

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 1:17:26 PM UTC-5, mwall wrote:
> On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 1:07:25 PM UTC-5, RobbH wrote:
>> Many thanks for the information, Tom. I'm confused, though. When you 
>> refer to the bridge, do you mean the discontinued smarthub, or the current 
>> product called Access? I think I've seen complaints that the access only 
>> works with AcuRite's servers, not with third-party software like Weewx. I 
>> see a lot more complaints that the smarthub is no longer supported. But it 
>> still works with Weewx? And with current AcuRite sensors?
>> Sorry if I'm being dense. It's a challenge to sort out all the 
>> information that's available!
> the "acurite bridge" and "smartHUB" are the same device.  smartHUB refers 
> to the newer firmware; older acurite bridge devices automatically (without 
> user consent) got flashed to the smartHUB firmware in 2016.
> it is unfortunate that acurite/chaney has discontinued the smartHUB 
> hardware.  the hardware is underpowerd for acurite's purpose, but is more 
> than adequate for anyone who wants to use a bunch of acurite sensors and 
> retain their own data.
> the new 'access' is problematic - it provides some logging capability, 
> battery backup, and more local memory (so acurite/chaney can do firmware 
> updates in the future).  but it is user-hostile.  its communication with 
> acurite/chaney servers is encrypted, so you have no way to get to your data 
> other than by going to acurite/chaney's servers.  in the short term you can 
> sniff the (unecrypted) data that the device sends to wu, but that data 
> stream is not as rich as what is sent to the acurite/chaney servers.
> note that the acuriteHUB hardware is perfectly serviceable if you use 
> weewx (you need weewx plus the weewx-interceptor extension).  you'll have 
> to set up a fake DNS entry so that the acuriteHUB talks to your own 
> computer instead of the acurite/chaney servers.  but it will continue to 
> function no matter what acurite/chaney does.
> so maybe wait a few months until the smartHUBs are $5 each :)
> weatherflow has the right idea (from a customer rights/preferences point 
> of view): cloud services if you want them, but local api/protocols for 
> getting the data.  easily.  and easily integrated with other systems.
> m

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