On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 11:10:51 AM UTC-8, RobbH wrote:
> That clears up most of my confusion. (Whatever remains is inherent and no 
> concern here.) Thanks!
> I see the Wiki has articles on how to get data from the bridge, so I'll 
> consult that if I go this route. And this appears to be the best route for 
> me, for now. I'm not ready to spend twice my budget on Davis gear, and even 
> though Weather Flow is very tempting, it feels a little too much like 
> vaporware.
For quality gear you pay premium prices, unfortunately. Your requirement to 
have sensors in different locations makes this one much harder at the $300 
price point.   Is that a hard requirement you can't move on ?

A Vantage Vue is easily under $300 but the blasted datalogger makes it more 
like $400, unless you go to the bellfryboy third-party logger.  But the Vue 
doesn't have the split sensors.

You might need to give on quality or price or the split sensors 


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