It depends on your version of syslog. My centOS system has rsyslog.
I have a weewx.conf in /etc/rsyslog.d that has lines something like:

if $programname == 'weewx' and $msg contains 'wmr300'  then 

if $programname == 'weewx' and $msg contains 'restx: Wunderground' then 
& ~

:programname,isequal,"weewx" /var/log/weewx/weewx.log
& ~

So wmr300 driver stuff is duplicated in its own file.
Wunderground has its own log file
wmr300 and everything else weewxish goes to weewx.log

The driver stuff gets duplicated but there was a reason for that.


On Saturday, 3 March 2018 01:44:02 UTC+10, Paul Miller wrote:
> According to the users guide 
> <>, WeeWX 
> will report its errors to the syslog. I've been looking around and don't 
> see anything in the docs or config files that allows a user to divert the 
> error logs to a different location. I'd like to be able to tail -n said 
> log and pipe that to another local file, then do a hash of the log and see 
> when it changes as a debugging measure if something fails while WeeWX is 
> deployed. Is that possible?

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