the database created by weewx is just a standard database which can be 
accessed by anything I guess.

the drivers rely to some extent on the weewx manager to get the data from 
the stations

the reports (html pages) can be created by a standalone utility that could 
be called by anything I guess

Maybe you could / should be more specific.  Weewx is composed of several 
parts - manager, drivers, report generation, restful services but its 
outputs are standard entities - database tables. files, html pages etc 
which can be used/accessed by anything


On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 10:12:26 UTC+2, Joush wrote:

> Hello,
> Can we import weewx into another script (for example pyqt) to create a GUI 
> for showing data? If yes, please tell me how to do that!
> Thanks!

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