On Friday, April 6, 2018 at 9:38:09 AM UTC-4, shane turner wrote:
> Hello all
> I have an accurite that is currently set up on a dock sending data to 
> greyscale receiver in the house.It then goes into pi via weewx and then to 
> the web. 
> I would like to add saltwater temp. Could I hack up an old accurite system 
> that had been broken in storm as I would only need temp, no wind ect..? .. 
> Then solder in a sensor and drop it off my dock and have it send data to a 
> second accurite  receiver. At this point would I need a second piece or can 
> I run 2 usbs on 1 pi with weewx then out to wunderground ect?

if you put two usb acurite consoles on a pi, you will not be able to tell 
the difference between them.  there is no serial number in the acurite usb 
info, so no chance of writing a udev rule.  you would have to probe each 
console for data, then distinguish based on the actual temperature/wind 

you might be better off buying a acurite bridge (aka smarthub).  they are 
discontinued now but should be available for about $40.  an acurite access 
could work too, but that would be a waste of money imho ($120).  the bridge 
reports the sensor's serial number, so you could use a single bridge to get 
data from two or more 5-in-1 or tower sensors.

or you could just get an SDR dongle ($20) and grab the data directly from 
the sensor cluster.


> Additionally what is a good sensor that won't attract barnacles?

pretty much anything you put in saltwater will end up with stuff growing on 
it.  freshwater too, but different critters :)

we use one-wire temperature sensors for this - they cost about $1 each, 
potted in a stainless can.  search for DS18B20 on amazone or ebay.  then 
you will need a 1-wire interface such as a usb-to-1-wire adapter.  to 
collect data, use the weewx-onewire extension as a service or as a driver.

that is how we measure water temperature here:


no barnacles, but it is briney with lots of slime and algae.  you can paint 
the sensor with a hard or ablative bottom paint.  that should not affect 
the temperature readings much.


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