1.  it helps to tell us exactly what commands you have given, and with what 
2.  you will find that you will need to have knowledge of basic unix 
3.  make sure you have read the comments in the wiki regarding raspberry 
pi, weewx and weather stations
4.  get weewx running with the simulator before attempting to work with 
your weather station
5.  small steps are much more productive than giant leaps into the unknown!!

weewx outputs quite a lot of useful information when it is started - so 
finding the log has to be your first issue!!

it is  much easier if you have weewx logging to its own logfile (weewx.log) 
- again see the wiki

the wiki and the documentation are your main sources of information

as I said - get weewx working with the simulator first of all

when you post to the forum do try and follow the guidelines - how you 
installed, what commands you have given, what is the result

I'm sure you will succeed and be over the moon with weewx very quickly - 
but there IS a learning curve, and some basic Linux knowledge is 
exceedingly beneficial.

PS  there will be nothing created, no data in www folder until the end of 
the first archive period - the length of which depends on your weewx.conf 
settings and/or your hardware.

On Monday, 9 April 2018 13:40:23 UTC+3, Stuart Smith wrote:

> Hello all and thanks in advance for any help.
> Newbie to Linux so hoping you'll be kind ;-)
> Have just purchased a Raspberry Pi3 and am wanting to use it with my Fine 
> Offset weather station running weeWX.
> I have installed the software but when i use the code to check the logs i 
> see no reporting that i recognise from weewx.
> There is also no www folder in the var folder on the Pi.
> Thanks again, tried searching for help before posting.

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