Hi there weewx users!

With great help with the WMR300 driver through this supportive user group 
here, I run weewx since beginning of March 2018 on a ubuntu 16.04 on a 
raspberry alike hardware. After a couple of weeks (only) the outside 
temperature and humidity are not correctly shown anymore.

It started with a few intermittent dropouts during the day and became worse 
and worse and now almost no outside temp and humidity are shown anymore.

The LCD of the weather station shows the data without any problems.

This is my servers address:

I have also configured wunderground and their website shows the same 
problem, check it out:


I really would appreciate any help what the problem could be. I am not 
veery experienced in Linux but I have a ssh access to my server and I am 
happy to post any information here that might help to locate the problem.


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