Reports will be getting daily maxima and minima from the daily summaries 
whereas the rtgd extension will be keeping its own maxima/minima. That 
being said it should not be affected by the record generation setting, the 
rtgd extension just runs off the loop packets though there may be some 
optimisations in there that are misbehaving. I'll have a look at it, in the 
meantime is the offending gauges page available publicly?


On Friday, 13 April 2018 06:13:24 UTC+10, Alec Bennett wrote:
> My weather station is in an area with unstable power and internet, and I 
> found that often after an internet outage I'd need to clear the console 
> memory on my Vantage Pro2 before it would start sending data again. I 
> switched over to the software record generation 
> (record_generation=software) and haven't had an outage in months now. 
> The only problem I'm having now is with the real time gauge (RTG) 
> extension's daily maximum and minimum stats. For example the day's maximum 
> wind gust (wgustTM), daily maximum temperature (tempTH), and daily minimum 
> temperature (tempTL) are all locked on some data in the past. 
> However the reports generated by the cheetah engine have the correct daily 
> maximums and minimums. 
> Before I dig farther into the RTG, I was wondering if anyone might have 
> some insight off-hand?

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