Many Thanks for your very helpful reply.  So which setting do I use for the 
archive interval in the config file? "derive" seems the most logical, but 
the instructions say that "derive" is suitable when the data was recorded 
at fixed intervals.

I do have some gaps in my data - up to two weeks in some cases.  I plan to 
try to fill as many of these gaps as possible using a combination of 
downloaded data from weathercloud (for my weather station) and also using 
the Met office's 5km grid data as a suitable proxy (for the grid containing 
my PWS).  I will attempt to process this all into a single archive database 
using R software and then use weewx import. If I need to take up your kind 
offer of a Weatherlink import module, I will let you know.


On Friday, 13 April 2018 02:37:20 UTC+1, gjr80 wrote:
> David,
> Variable archive intervals have been supported since weeWX v3.0.0, though 
> I believe there was a display/report calculation bug that was addressed in 
> 3.7.0 (of course we are all running 3.8.0 so neither of these should be an 
> issue :))
> One thing to be mindful of when using wee_import to import data is that 
> when you are deriving the archive interval from the source data (ie finding 
> the difference between successive timestamps) missing records can skew this 
> significantly. A single missing record in a data set with an interval of 5 
> minutes will likely have negligible effect but if you have several hours or 
> days missing it may be a different matter. For this reason when importing 
> from WeatherUnderground if your WeatherUndergroud data was posted every 10 
> minutes it is quite often handy to force wee_import to use a 10 minute 
> archive interval as WeatherUnderground often does not return all available 
> data, plus it is not unusual for users to have large gaps in their 
> WeatherUnderground data.
> If you have a changing archive interval in your data and are concerned 
> about data gaps, it might be useful to break the import down into smaller 
> chunks that use a single archive interval and import that data with a set 
> rather derived interval.
> Gary
> PS. If there is significant reformatting required to import the 
> ex-WeatherLink data I am happy to put together a WeatherLink module for 
> wee_import, I will just need to know the data format. Only thing is it will 
> take time for me to put the module together, though I guess your old data 
> is not going anywhere :)
> On Friday, 13 April 2018 01:16:54 UTC+10, Andrew Milner wrote:
>> As far as I know the latest version of weewx casn handle variable 
>> intervals- so just let wee_import derive the interval from the time stamps* 
>> should* work (I think!!)
>> someone more knowledgeable maywish to comment ....
>> On Thursday, 12 April 2018 17:59:03 UTC+3, wrote:
>>> The import facility looks like the right way to go - but unfortunately 
>>> my source data has variable archive intervals. Is there any way of dealing 
>>> with this in the weewx import utlility, or is it best to convert all the 
>>> source data to have the same archive interval (painful!)?
>>> Thanks.
>>> On Wednesday, 11 April 2018 17:45:19 UTC+1, wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> I have just started using weewx on a Raspberry Pi with a Davis Vantage 
>>>> using Weatherlink IP. The weather station has been running for 2 years, 
>>>> but 
>>>> I only got weewx working from today. All is working fine, except that 
>>>> since 
>>>> I updated my archive record to 5mins immediately prior to the 
>>>> installation, 
>>>> weewx only shows the recent records. Does anyone know if there is a way I 
>>>> can manually add the historical data to the weewx database, so that the 
>>>> full history is shown on my weewx webpage? 
>>>> Thanks

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