Ok, I understand. You can use what ever you want. You can use inHg or mbar or 
hPa or mmHq. The key point for minmax entries is that the numbers have to make 
sense with the units you use. I am comfortable with hPa here in Australia so I 
might use use something like:

barometer = 900, 1000, hPa 

even though my database may use inHg for pressure. The numbers you have seem to 
be in the range for inHg, definitely not mbar or hPa.

One thing to remember; the units are optional for a minmax entry, but if you 
omit them then the numbers are assumed to be in the units used in your 
database. That can get a bit tricky for some, that is why I prefer to specify 
minmax entries in units that I am familiar with.


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