> Certainly interesting, and you've put a bit of work into it.

Overboard, much?

There is no link to the actual file.

I've changed the "Software" page.  Thanks.

 The existing installer is missing files. It only has dead symlinks for 
> the required files.

Ack! Thppt! There's a newbie mistake!  Fixed ... I think.  Please let me 

Thanks for the quick feedback.  It's nice to know at least one person is 
interested enough not only to investigate but also to offer constructive 
criticism.  ... so, if there's anything else, that's what I here for ... 
for the time being, at least.

We're not even at first pink (apple flower buds) here in Sheboygan, but 
soon ... very soon ... and then all h~~~ breaks loose.  -ccr-


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