Shameless plug for my website <> running the 
skin <>. It can chart any 
timespan you want with some specific ones built in 
There's a small learning curve to the graphs.conf but it comes with 4 
standard graphs, documentation and there's quite a few users on this forum 
who can help if you get stuck. 

For example, to chart yesterday 
would use:

    time_length = days_ago
    time_ago = 1

Last month would be

    time_length = months_ago
    time_ago = 1

A specific special day would be

    time_length = day_specific
    month_specific = 10
    day_specific = 31
    year_specific = 2017

A specific special month would be

    time_length = month_specific
    month_specific = 10
    year_specific = 2017

and much more. The Belchertown Charts wiki 
has a lot of information, and users are often finding more capabilities 

Another key feature of Belchertown is the live updates with MQTT Websockets 
- but that's optional and not required to run the skin or the graphs. 

On Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 8:48:41 AM UTC-4, Copain wrote:
> Standard 4 image generator time periods are day, week, month and year.
> Does weewx offer functionality to generate graphs e.g. for yesterday, last 
> year or a specific historic month / year
> OR is it depending on the skin which would have to offer such feature?
> Basically, I am looking for an 'optional_ago' tag for graphs.
> Is there any experience / solution with historic graphs additional to the 
> 4 standard ones in bootstrap skin?
> Many thanks for your comments.

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