I received an email urging me to update my WeatherLinkIP with new firmware:

*CRITICAL UPDATE: Important firmware update for WeatherLinkIP*

*Who needs this update? *Everyone using a WeatherLinkIP datalogger (p/n 
6555) with their Davis weather station.


Your WeatherLinkIP datalogger has a critical bug that will prevent it from 
keeping its time properly synched with Davis servers and cause it to stop 
uploading historical archive records. You may have noticed that when 
downloading archive records into your PC software or looking at archive 
records on weatherlink.com that they are not entirely up to date. This 
firmware patch will fix that and ensure your weather station clock stays 
accurate and in synch. 

<lots of how to update the firmware instructions>

As my system seems to be working just fine on the penultimate WeatherLinkIP 
version and WeeWX 3.9.2, I thought I'd check to see if there was any 
pressing need to do this. Seems to be pretty Davis specific, vs a home 


J. S.

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