Thanks for testing, guys. I have restarted Weewx 1 day and 14 minutes ago, 
so that's not the point. All that time (since restart), it showed okay on 
my website, and never on my mobile phone (Edge). Strangely, it shows at 

Anyway, I am now sure and convinced that nothing is wrong with the skin or 
the inc-file. It must be something on my side, as it is working without 
problems at Manfred and Keimpke. Thanks again, I'll dig into it.

Op vrijdag 22 mei 2020 12:55:26 UTC+2 schreef Keimpe Bleeker:
> Aand now it's there: Doorlopend neerslagtekort (apr t/m sept) 
> 149mm         Laatste keer geregend op 03:45, 04-05-2020         Laagste 
> grasminimum vandaag 8.3℃ om 03:55 uur
> :)
> Op vrijdag 22 mei 2020 12:52:11 UTC+2 schreef Keimpe Bleeker:
>> Hoi Maarten,
>> Both on PC (Chrome) and mobiel (Huawei, ANdroid, Chrome) there is no 
>> text. In my case <> 
>> it works perfectly from the first minute. Have you restarted Weewx after 
>> making the changes? 
>> Regards, Keimpe
>> Op vrijdag 22 mei 2020 10:58:12 UTC+2 schreef Maarten van der Hoeven:
>>> I know, it not really the place to ask something about Belchertown in 
>>> this weewx-group. My apologies...
>>> Fairly easy question, I've added custom text at my website using 
>>> Working okay when watching the website on my 
>>> computer. However, the custom text is not shown using a mobile phone. 
>>> Is this by design, that is only 
>>> working on a PC/desktop/laptop/whatever, and not working on a browser on a 
>>> mobile phone?
>>> See, added text just below the station info. 
>>> It's in Dutch, showing the lack of rain this year, datetime of last rain 
>>> and lowest grass temperature today with timestamp.

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